[StBernard] Tires

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Apr 26 22:07:03 EDT 2007


I'm writing to ask about the tire issue again and where we stand as far as
them acutally being picked up. You wrote a few months ago that the parish
finally had a contractor to do this work and that I could call in any tires
being dumped around. Well, I did call in and the woman that took my
complaint said, yes we have a contractor but we don't know when they are
going to actually start picking up the tires. She took my information and
said I would be placed on the list. That was serveral months ago and the
tires still remain around my property and in other areas in the parish. I
don't see that any are being removed. Where do we stand as far as progress
on this issue?


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