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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Apr 29 14:49:08 EDT 2007


I have a small trailer and would be willing to participate in the cleanup.
We need to make sure that we have a place to dispose of the tires. I have
tried in the past to bring them to the dump on Paris Road. Unfortunately,
the attendant would allow us to drop them off.


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we stand in the same place that many other projects stand- stuck somewhere
in the public works department. We are told one thing and the opposite is
the truth. I have requested assistance from one of the volunteer groups to
assist in the tire issue to make a week long sweep and the arrangment for a
few trailers is being tracked down. If anyone has a trailer that they are
willing to have used in the project, please let me know. It is quite
frustrating on this end as well to think projects that are so
straightforward wind up in the same beauracracy as everything else. It is
time that we start solving these things outside of the usual routes since
these routes seem to be clogged. Anyway, more about that in another

I'll post the specifics as soon as I have them.

God Bless,

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