[StBernard] LRA Chair, Board Members Urge Swift HUD, VA Approvals on LSU ...

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Apr 29 15:09:14 EDT 2007


The problem with the UAB system, since I am here now and dealing with it,
people usually have to drive 75-150 miles to the nearest facility outside of
bandaid clinics. As a matter of fact I have to drive 250 miles tomorrow to
go to Birmingham


P.S. I know the church wasn't in the "oil spill area". However, no one is
going to tell me that the hand of God came down and held the oil around
12-20 blocks with 13+ ft of water running all over the parish. And to this
day no one can tell me why Murphy paid to scrap all of the neutral grounds
down passed the violet canal and to the new extension, unless that same hand
held the water to just Judge Perez and no where else.

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