[StBernard] Nancy Pelosi: Un-American quotes

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Since I could start at any one of numerous points to respond, I'll focus on
just a few. First, this is America and we believe in the system of free
enterprise. Even though we might not like the situation and feel we're
being taken advantage of, still, we live in a society under the principle
(supposedly) where success is not be punished.

Also, I can't tell you how many 401K and other retirement systems have a
huge chuck of their portfolio invested in oil company stocks. The oil
companies are not hoarding the profits, their passing onto their
stockholders. So go ahead and tax the hell out of the profits and watch how
millions start screaming why their retirement plan isn't doing as well as

Then, keep in mind that the vast majority of stockholders (and shares) in
major oil companies - as well as most large corporations - are people who
own a small number of shares -usually less than a hundred. Needless to say,
these people fall into America's middle class. So taxing the windfalls
would primarily hit hard the middle class - not the rich.

There's an old saying I used to hear my Dad say...."increasing taxes never
hurt the rich, only the middle class and poor, that's because the rich can
always afford to pay more taxes." And do you think for one moment the rich
are "really" going to feel such a tax hit? Nope, if they own business they
are just going to pass it down to their customers via increased prices or
they cut back on employee pay raises or benefits. So, you see? You really
can't sock it to rich because they'll just take it out on everyone else -
that means "us" - the middle class.

President Reagan called this "trickle down economics"....I call it reality
and the way how the world works.

John Scurich

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> John,


> Why shouldn't they tax the hell out of Oil profits, at $3 a gallon,


> we deserve the tax relief? The price of the barrel keeps falling and the

> price is going up....some how this doesn't make sense no matter what the


> companies say.



> Wendy

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