[StBernard] New Library

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri May 18 20:31:28 EDT 2007

Is there any truth to this? The Civic Center has much better uses and I
just couldnot support using Library Funded Purchases of Land for anything
for Murphy. Wouldnt there be public hearings on this? I just cant see
Murphy getting to profit or benefit from their crude oil spill. Something
isnt right here.

<<It's great that the parish has a new library, but there's more to the
story. The library board has been offered a new location for a permanet
location, the Civic Center banquet hall. Parish government says it has
better parking for one thing. I guess it will have to close for any festival
held at the site since that lot is used for carnival rides. In exchange for
that location, parish government will take the Judy Dr. site (bought for an
expanded facility) for use as a fire ststion to replace the Paul Dr. station
with part of the site used by Murphy as a training facility. Is the land
Murphy is buying in the spill zone, adjacent to the refinery unsatisfactory?
The present library would go to the water board. The library board has a
surplus of funds, saved for construction of the new facility on Judy Dr..
The land was bought with money saved by the board since its inception under
the home rule charter. Any attempts by the board to rehab the existing bui
lding have been blocked by parish government or by FEMA, claiming a flooding
threat. Was there was less water at the Civic Center site? The wireless
internet access at the temp. trailer is available only in the parking lot
and immediate area where almost no one resides. Imagine using your laptop
outdoors in mid summer when it's in the 90's. With the library surplus,
various donations, including the Gates Foundation funds and FEMA
infrastructure rebuilding funds, the board could provide the parish with a
permanet library, using the Nunez College facilities as an interem
alternative. Ask your elected leaders why they are so dead-set against using
the present building. Members of the board can't get an answer, only
condesending rhetoric. The board began it's attempts in late 2005 to get a
library up and running. >>

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