[StBernard] questions for craig

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri May 18 21:26:11 EDT 2007

Craig, can you update us since the minutes of the recovery meetings were
stopped months ago from being published, and the sbpg.net doesn't give much
more than facts and publicity articles we already read in the TP.

Is URG or any other company still picking up gutting debris? Haven't seen
trucks around in the last two months and some houses have filled their front
curbs waiting for removal. Drains are getting block as debris flys around
and hurricane season is nearly here.

Saw on the website that the parish was advertising for bids to repair street
lights, poles, wiring, yet haven't heard a contract was awarded nor seen a
repair truck on the boulevards in neighborhoods with metal light poles.
What's the status with the metal pole replacements and wiring repairs?

STI-how far have they gotten in the parish delivering the new cans? Haven't
seen any in St. Mark's neighborhood. Many residents are not buying a can
waiting for this one from STI and in my opinion, all household garbage
should be in a can for sanitation reasons, especially given the stray
animals around that tear up the bags left on the curbside.

Street signs? Understood the parish was reluctant to rush to replace
supposedly because they expected debris trucks to run them over (?), but as
we approach 2 years, where is the contract to get basic stop signs and
street names and speed limits back on the corners?


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