[StBernard] Nancy Pelosi: Un-American quotes

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun May 20 11:39:20 EDT 2007


If a person wants to install solar panels on an average size home, the
cost $10,000. The benefits, you can actually sell the electricity back the
power company, especially when the home may be unoccupied, like for vacation
or on cool days when an AC isn't needed. There's a company out of Tenn. that
makes, sells, and installs. They're suppose to last twenty years, we're
actually exploring this possiblity in our new home. I figure if my light
bill only runs $50 a month for 20 years, I'll will have gotten my return. My
current light bills- $400, and if I get credits because I use low wattage
flourescent bulbs thing that they want us to use, well send me my check, not
including the tax breaks. Saw the company on the HGtv channel, saw there
whole thing about the Gore home too. As far as the big profits on the stock
market, our beloved president, Congress people, bosses, and anyone else who
has a 401K is making just as well.


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