[StBernard] New Library

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun May 20 12:00:29 EDT 2007

The library board has been offered a new location for a permanet
location, the Civic Center banquet hall. P

This looks like a great location but would rend the civic center useless for
many of its functions it used to hold.
I remember a local business exhibit held in there, that I enjoyed for
several years. During the summer moths, it was packed repeatedly with cute
costumed kids changing into their various outfits. Although there is
currently only one dancing school in the parish, I hope there will be more,
and we wont have to drive to the Gretna Alario center again for rehearsal
AND two reviews.
It is a space for concert folks to store and prepare,
I miss those too. The civic center was a great place to go for so many
things, and the banquet hall, in my opinion, should stay just that.
I still hope that a Parish Library would be FURTHER EAST in the parish, to
serve more than just nearly emptied Arabi and Chalmette.
I am not worried about Murphy 'benefiting' from the oil spill, but hope
Murphy will continue to 'make good' and try to do positive things for the
community (I know it will never be 'made good', but they can try and have
some positive effect in the going).


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