[StBernard] Murphy Contractor Trucks

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun May 20 12:03:04 EDT 2007

It's easier for trucks coming west bound on Judge Perez to turn left from
Judge Perez at Jacob, turn left on Ohio to get to where ever they are going
to do whatever. This was a normal situation even before Katrina. Our
neighborhood has continued to complain about this type of taffic because it
tore the streets up.
The majority of this traffic seems to be the pickup trucks hauling the black
trailers which appear to be empty heading some place to get filled., Is the
dump site east of Jacob Dr.?

Some trucks will need to travel in the area. Somewhere there needs to be
funds allocated to perform the street/curb repairs.
It is correct that Murphy has not started any demo on the river side of
Judge Perez, but there has been utility and other trucks doing demo prep
work on the river side., Atmos just finished tearing up driveways/sidewalks
with heavy equipment etc. to shut off gas lines.

Murphy's grass cutting group is hauling grass cutting heavy equipment via a
trailer throughout the neighborhood. Unloading it at various spots, cutting
the front yard with the equipment as much as can be done and using several
men with weed eaters to do what the equipment can't get to. Then loading it
back on the trailer and moving on to another location. Yes we definitely
want the grass maintained.

While on the grass subject - What about the rear yards on these houses that
Murphy now owns that now have grass/weeds growing strong?


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