[StBernard] Expanding higher ed access for low income students

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun May 20 12:06:04 EDT 2007


You said it better than I and in fewer words.


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> John,


> I have two kids in college at two different colleges affected by Katrina.

> They both missed that semister and had to sit out cause we didn't know



> to go or where we would be. One has tops and tops was very understanding

> and didn't count it against her, but understood. I agree with your views.

> My kids were behind in college credit after Katrina caused them to sit


> but both have caught up by taking on more hours. Both of them work. My



> had to want college for themselves. I told them so. They didn't have

> counselors calling them or talking to them in high school to help them or

> tell them what to do. It was up to them. My daughter learned about Tops

> from the newspaper and then she worked hard to meet the requirements. I

> don't want any underpriviliged person to fall between the cracks but I



> if someone wants an education for themselves, they can obtain it through

> hard work.


> Laurie

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