[StBernard] Hurricane season starts in two days...

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed May 30 23:47:17 EDT 2007

Hurricane season starts this Friday (June 1).

Are you ready?

Forecasters are predicting a strong, active hurricane season.

"It is critically important that people who live in East and Gulf coastal
areas as well as the Caribbean be prepared," said Bill Proenza, director of
the NOAA National Hurricane Center. "Now is the time to update your
hurricane plan, not when the storm is bearing down on you."

Everyone (especially businesses) should be asking themselves...

- what data do I have that I absolutely cannot lose?
- how long can I afford to be down?
- what data is essential to business and professional continuity?

Nowadays there is great risk in losing critical data, and managed offsite
data center protection is a part of best practices data management.
DEVACAPS.com solutions allow you to backup your critical information offsite
to our disaster-hardened, temperature-controlled, highly secure data centers
that are built for business continuity.

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