[StBernard] Expanding higher ed access for low income students

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed May 30 23:47:17 EDT 2007


You are able to articulate and zero in on the crux of the matter so much
better than I can. So I'll say to everyone, "Yeah, what he said!"





>...and Laurie, you can take a break on this one, I'll cover for you ;-) .

>Wendy, you referenced the scene in Wil Smith's movie pointing out..."What


>Smith's character wasn't on that street that day or the guy didn't answer

>his question? My only point was that yes hard work plays a huge part in

>things, but

>circumstances (whether destiny, choice, higher beings, influences) all play

>into his." Okay, let me respond to that - even in light of what Chris

>Gardner said in the dvd extra interview.


>I have always strongly believed in something I heard long ago. I can't

>remember who said it so I can't give proper credit, but the saying

>went..."luck is ally to the brave, not the cowardly, as is good fortune to

>the persistent." What a great quote - because it's true. Thus, if Chris

>Gardner wasn't on that particular street that particular day, it soon would

>have been another day on another street. Perhaps the word I'm looking for

>here is "destiny." With his hard work, his determination and courage,

>success would have come to Chris Gardner in some manner reasonably soon

>because he decided he was going to make it happen. I've never known anyone

>like that not to succeed.


>So, Gardner might have commented "gee, I wonder what would have happened if

>I'd not been on the street that very day?", but deep down I believe he


>the true answer to that question - he would have found a way to succeed

>another day.


>This reminds me of a great quote by Thomas Edison. When asked what was the

>formula to his success, Edison replied, "10 percent inspiration and 90

>percent perspiration." In other words, persistence and hard work always

>pays off. And if no one ever believes that, then they are destined for



>These words are more than just a "go get'em" and emotional pep talk -

>they're a fundamental, psychological prerequisite for


>of your humble beginnings, poor quality of inner city education or any


>rock bottom circumstances. I belive this to be a fundamental difference in

>dogma between conservatism and liberalism. Conservatism is based on the

>principle that anyone, no matter how far you start down the totem pole, can

>still raise "themself" (key word) to unlimited success - where liberalism


>based on the principle that the individual is weak and cannot make it

>without signifant help from the government, or simply cannot succeed at



>I always like to joke...what cable channel is the least watched by


>The "Do-It-Yourself" Network, of course ;-) just joking.


>- John Scurich

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