[StBernard] Corps risk maps

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Jun 20 23:21:26 EDT 2007

Their website is up and running. Simple to use. If you don't have google
earth, then after you click your area, (Arabi, Chalmette, Violet,
Poydras, etc.) it is best to click OVERLAY PDF.

What happens is a series of aerial pictures of the flooding you can
expect and it's color coded. Dark blue is water over 8 ft. deep.

The pictures are as follows

Pre Katrina and today for each probability of storm

1/50 chance of storm first 2005 and next picture is 2007
1/100 ditto
1/500 ditto

Chalmette for example, between Judge Perez and 40 Arpent shows areas of
8 ft. of flooding or more for the 1 out of 100 storm and the 1 out of
500 storm. For the 1 out of 50 storm the flooding is mainly Val Reiss
Park and rear of Murphy's undeveloped property near the 40 Arpent.

I think the people in Jeff Parish on the east bank and Kenner may be
surprised (I'm not surprised), that they are not that much better off
than Orleans or St. Bernard. Harahan is interesting. Not all of it is
as high and dry as you might think under some probabilities.

Bottom line, if a one in 500 yr storm surge comes, it's all over for
southeast Louisiana.

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