[StBernard] New ReadTheTattoo.com issue is online now

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jun 25 20:57:07 EDT 2007


The link for the TATTOO is www.readthetattoo.com

It is written totally by teens from all over the world. Steve and Jackie
love hearing from teens who might be interested in contributing to the
online paper. The publication is done for free--meaning that Steve and
Jackie do not earn any money for all of their hard work. One way they try
to finance the costs involved is through Amazon.com. If you want to order
something from Amazon, would you please go to the TATTOO's site and click on
the Amazon link they have? The TATTOO will received a percentage of what's
ordered at no additional cost you.

I wonder if this is something that Westley could do for the
da-parish.com--just a thought.

Hope ya'll enjoy the TATTOO.


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