[StBernard] State fined?

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jul 2 09:47:46 EDT 2007


There could be countless reasons as to why some closed early and some are
still on hold - title issues or simply where one is standing in line. I
guess not everyone can be first. I would think in this case the Equal
Protection clause of the Constitution would mean each applicant is treated
by the same rules & procedure and given the same consideration - of course
that is when an applicant's turn finally comes up.


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"Under the U.S. Constitution everyone has rights that fall under the "equal
protection clause." Among its many implications, everyone (or every entity
for that matter) has to be treated "equally" - that's the key word."

That's interesting to hear. I was wondering if this would also apply to Road
Home Elevation Grants that were given to those that closed early in the
game, but now are on hold...Seems like everyone should be given the same


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