[StBernard] house on corinne drive has Mercury poisioning throughout.....please read

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jul 2 23:41:31 EDT 2007


You would not believe what's going on here. Ray's daughter rebuilt
their house in Chalmette on Corinne Dr. They pulled out all the walls
and floors, but apparently did nothing with the attic. They moved in
about 4 months ago. It was about 4 blocks from the Murphy Oil refinery
and was in the direct path of the spill. Ray's grandson has been sick a
lot lately and in and out of the doctor's office and Children's
Hospital. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with him - he's only
two years old and he had so many tests. He would run a high fever and
had this bad rash all over him. The whole family has been sick off and
on for the past several months and in and out of doctors' offices.
Ray's daughter last week realized when she was dusting her television,
these "beads" of stuff that she wiped was dusting would pulverize and
burst into a thousand different little pieces. When she walked into the
house one day earlier this week, she saw a bunch of these little beads
on the floor.

The baby's fever had gone down and they let him go home this past
week-end, still not knowing what he had and they were going to continue
to run all sorts of tests. They had several doctors all working on this
and consultants and the family was really getting concerned. Then she
mentioned to one of the doctors earlier this week about the substance in
her house that she recently saw and thought was mercury. The it was as
if the lightbulb came on........they tested the baby for mercury
poisoning and sure enough, that's what he has!!!

As we speak, the EPA (actually EPA sub-contractors) are at the house
now. Actual representatives of EPA are coming out tomorrow. They
showed up in their haz-mat clothes and masks and before they went into
the house, their meter was beeping. It registered 11,000 particles on
the front step and the maximum accepted particles per unit (or whatever)
is 10,000. The contractor told Ray's wife that maybe their machine was
mal-functioning. Ray (on our pushing) e-mailed WWL-TV to tell them
what was happening because it seemed like the Parish had been trying to
ignore the problem. But when the media showed up, the subs clammed up.
They told Ray's wife they would lose their jobs if they spoke to the
media. But one of the guys told her the kids' room registered 44,000
particles and no one should ever have lived in that house. Every room
had at least that much and everyone thinks it was coming from the air
ducts. When they tested the attic, they told her it was absolutely
unbelievable how much mercury was in the attic and it was AIR-BORNE. He
said if anyone had gone into the attic and breathed that air in, it
would have been extremely dangerous (whatever that means).

They were told they absolutely could not live in that house so they
threw some clothes and stuff in the trunk of her car and were going to
go to her sisters' FEMA trailer. One of the contractors ran his little
monitor over her clothes and they are contaminated. She had to unpack
the trunk. This is absolutely horrible. They've got all this new
furniture they recently bought and all their clothes and the kids'
clothes and toys are all contaminated.

This has been a horrible year for this family. I believe this is the
daughter that recently lost a baby and Ray's wife's sister was found
dead (by another daughter) in her FEMA trailer in Chalmette about six
weeks ago. (she died of a drug over-dose). Two weeks later, her
brother died (he lived out of state somewhere). Say a prayer for this
family. I've never seen so many bad things happen to one family like
what they've endured this year alone. (not to mention what Katrina did
to all of them).

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