[StBernard] BOASSO for Governor LAWN Darts too

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Jul 5 18:38:30 EDT 2007

Thanks Westley for the info and I'll let you snip the message as needed.

I've had some of the same thoughts about Jindal. He was in state govt with
Foster, then on to HHS (?) in DC, then back to run for governor and then to
win a really safe Republican seat in Congress. Now it's back to running for
guv once again. Don't know yet if I'll vote for him but I have a feeling he
will prevail. The proof will be in the pudding and, if elected, how well he
gets along with the Dems in the ledge.

I did know Villere had been with the party for years but had little info
about Quinn.

My cynical side says to shrug and say they're all bastards on both sides of
the aisle and you have to go with the ones you feel most comfortable with.



No firsthand knowledge, just observations.

When you look at how James Quinn and Roger Villere have appointed
Jindal as
the heir apparent of the state GOP gubernatorial nominee without
the parties own rules for allowing delegates to vote, you know they
treating the state GOP as their own fiefdom.

Bobby, while a great guy and a powerful speaker (I got to watch him
David Vitter speak at the same conference - Jindal could use Vitter
to wipe
the floor up), I think has had too much of a fairy tale ride. He is
career bureaucrat and politician who is just swinging from rung to
rung. As
an associate of mine likes to point out, Jindal has never held a job
longer than two years (I guess being a Congressman sets a new record

I haven't gone back to look it up, but this same associate claims
Jindal has always been great on spouting policy but has never
managed to
actually implement it.

That said, I've known Walter and his family for too long and I trust
Reality being what it is, I realize he is going to cast votes for
that I am against, but I also think he will never sell out the
welfare of
the state and its citizens for a backroom deal or to make himself

As a CEO of a mid-sized corporation that he built himself, he has a
ego that he knows what it takes to get the job done because he's
done it.
Jindal can only say that he has what it takes to raise a lot of
money, get
appointed to cushy jobs, and elected to even cushier jobs.

Jindal is a party hack and, as a Republican party hack, he should
stay in
Congress where we could do more good than being Governor of

Going back to your original question, I still think, and I have
thought this
for years, the leadership of the state GOP party has been the
detriment to the state party for years. But they rely of the good
ol' boy
network too much to see that the limited success the party has had
is in
spite of them and not because of them.

A Conservative first, Republican second.

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