[StBernard] house on corinne drivehasMercurypoisioningthroughout.....please read

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Jul 11 00:07:49 EDT 2007


I don't understand the point about the deaths in the family. That is tragic

and a reason for us to give our love and support to this family. It's not
family dirt or dirty laundry. Most deaths cannot be kept a secret, and why
should they?





>You're right, but I now understand the point by anon. about not needing to

>know all the personal details regarding the deaths in the family - typical

>of journalists to turn what should be only a news story into a personal

>human interest story. But the issue of the mercury and its impact needs to

>be spread to all.


>John Scurich

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