[StBernard] Board of Zoning

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Jul 15 22:29:24 EDT 2007

The Parish has not filled vacancies on the Zoning Advisory Board since the
storm and has taken it up as a matter for the parish council to hear and
rule on zoning variances. You'd need a council person or parish president to
explain why. The planning comm. is not authorized to hear these cases,
although we are qualified. When we feel strongly opposed about a zoning
change, we address the council at their meeting like any other citizen. We
are thanked for our opinion, and the council votes on the matter. There
have been a lot of variances since the storm. Read the council meeting
agenda and exercise your right to agree or disagree on any variance as you
would any important parish community issue.

FYI The planning commission had one vacancy months after the storm when
Dave Peralta took the job with parish govt and therefore couldn't be a
District D commissioner. The planning commission made sure that the vacancy
would get filled by parish govt and it was.

Under Smart Code, there would be no zoning board and the process is totally

Deborah Keller, Vice President Planning Commission

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