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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri Jul 27 21:46:03 EDT 2007

Hey Howard,

I had this conversation last week and again yesterday about the enforcement
of the rental unit ordinance- none have come in front of the council but
there are dozens that are in violation. I have just turned in a test case
to track it- I will give it a week to see what happens. I am told that
there are calls being made to properties that are being advertised as
rentals but no sign of a permissive use permit hearing to this point.

I also sponsored and had passed a resolution that directed the
administration to return to full inspection procedures- I think to some
extent they have.

On modular homes, they need to have a permit as well and the setback
requirements are the same and have to be followed. Turn in any addresses
that need to be checked and we can check them for you.

Unfortunately Howard, the reality of what is going on is more of the same
old way of doing things but not because the ground level inspectors aren't

God Bless,


How many people have come before the council seeking approval for thier new
rental properties. My guess NONE. However, there are people who are
renting. Why are we not enforcing our own ordiances.

Also, I remember that when a new home was constructed that a permit must be
displayed on the property while the building took place. Does this also
apply to module homes. There is one (I believe) being constructed across
the canal from me and no permit can be found anywhere on the property.
However, work continues on the foundation. I also noticed that the rear of
this home is extremely close to the property line of the house adjacient to

I have had a couple of conversations with Kenny of the Lexington Homeowners
Association and we are concerned about our (the parish) lack of involvement
of the area inspectors on renovated homes. There are reports out there that
some are being put back together with mud still in the walls. With all the
concern about property values we need to make sure that everything is built
to code. We need to get back on track with respect to the codes and
inspectors. If we don't then we will slip back into the "same old/same old"
way of doing things.


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