[StBernard] trash

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jul 30 21:52:26 EDT 2007

Okay, so we're approaching 33 days or so until the anniversary of Katrina.
Haven't we all noticed that the parish's philosophy that it will not pick up
debris on the curbs (only SDT trash bins are picked up for household garbage
) coupled with the FEMA stance that they will only pay for the pick up of
Katrina debris has NOT resulted in contractors and homeowners taking the
rest of the trash to the dump themselves? Therefore, we have piles of trash
at peak hurricane season ready to become missiles and clog the drains as
there appears to be a "showdown" between them and the parish. Who will lose
in this game of chicken? Those of us who have repaired our property who are
more at risk from flying trash breaking our windows and rainwater flooding
our streets than a breach in a levee.

Craig, will it take a group of citizens demanding at a council meeting to do
a clean sweep of the parish and pickup, even at parish expense, whatever is
out on the curbs in August? We don't need to cause embarrassment on the
nightly news, but what will it take to force the issue? The parish isn't
enforcing owners and contractors to pick up either, choosing to ignore the
situation instead.


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