[StBernard] Georges Report: Tarpon Rodeo Kickoff, Teachers Forum & Ads on TV

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jul 30 22:03:17 EDT 2007

July 27, 2007

Dear Fellow Louisianans,

Since my television ad campaign began this week, I have traveled to the four
corners of Louisiana and the support has been overwhelming. People are
surprised that they have a real choice as to the type of governor they want
for Louisiana. Our statewide network of over 25,000 people is growing every
day as our positive message of hope for Louisiana's future is finally heard
on TV. (Click here to see the first two spots from Georges for Governor 2007
vdfiiwfuiboa&link=alfulogbxatcbvldrzyaqhaecmoxbmo> .)

Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo Kick-Off

<http://hosting.bm23.com/3179/public/withfish2.png> On Wednesday, I woke up
in Shreveport at 4am to appear on the KSLA morning show
vdfiiwfuiboa&link=bezxhlmazzwojibpauzqkpjvcofkbln> and ended the day in
Grand Isle well after midnight at Arties! It was exciting to attend the
opening evening of the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, which I have been attending
for over 20 years. The local residents greeted me with Georges for Governor
signs from Port Fourchon to the far end of Grand Isle! In spite of little
help from Washington and impossible insurance rates it is incredible how
they have rebuilt their lives already though there is still much to be done.
Insurance and coastal erosion must be our priorities to preserve this area
that is so critical to keeping our economy strong. It was great seeing Joy
Bollinger and her friends who graciously hosted the Bollinger event along
with her husband Boysie. I spent time visiting with Mayor David Camardelle
and also visited with anglers from Baton Rouge, Thibodeaux and beyond.
Everyone who has seen the pictures on my website and MySpace of me catching
a dolphin
vdfiiwfuiboa&link=bmyjbvvotulnvjagbyuynciymdzjbja> said they were excited
to have a life-long fisherman in the race. People were raving about how
this is the best season for dolphin they have ever seen! Unfortunately, I
was unable to fish in the tournament this year because of back-to-back
campaign meetings but I hope to make it back down to Grand Isle this

Finding Common Ground with the Louisiana Federation of Teachers

<http://hosting.bm23.com/3179/public/teachersforum.jpg> As I say in one of
our commercials, I want to lead Louisiana to be on the forefront of the
future and respected throughout America. Education is the key to achieving
that because it is the one thing proven to lift people out of poverty. For
many children, the teachers and support workers at their schools are not
just educators; they are the only positive adult role models in their lives.

I was proud to join two of my three fellow candidates for Governor at the
Louisiana Federation of Teachers forum in Baton Rouge this week for a lively
discussion. The LFT was happy to see a Republican who was not afraid to sit
down at the table and discuss the issues. We found that in many areas, we
share common ground, including providing Pre-K4 for all students, creating a
safe work environment, teaching values at a young age to bring discipline
into schools and continuing to raise teacher pay. I look forward to
continuing the dialogue with our teachers and other school employees so that
I can fully understand how the State Department of Education can be
structured and streamlined to meet their needs and make it easier to do what
they do best -- educate our kids.

Come Get a Yardsign, Bumper Sticker and T-Shirt

The Georges for Governor campaign headquarters is up and running in Metairie
on the northwest corner service road at Causeway and I-10. Dan Forman, my
campaign manager, and Katie Elizardi, my campaign coordinator, have
t-shirts, bumper stickers and yardsigns and they are actively taking large
sign requests. To get these items, please click here to go to my website
vdfiiwfuiboa&link=akhmzwysazzrqozebaxeonaugchjbko> , email your request to
askjohn at georgesforgovernor.com or just stop by! Also, if you want to see my
MySpace page and become a MySpace friend, click here
vdfiiwfuiboa&link=afirpwqnsdzsfkzxdtmtbllxuwpyblb> . If you use Facebook,
click here to become a Facebook friend.

Please feel free to send me your thoughts and ideas at
askjohn at georgesforgovernor.com - I would love to see them and I am working
hard to answer all of your questions (I have new respect for candidates who
ran for office before email, Blackberry and cell phones!)

It's time for a turnaround and together we will have the Louisiana we all

John Georges

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