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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Aug 13 18:37:41 EDT 2007

Here's the gist of my logic, Jim.

When in a world of confusion and chaos. When our system of government is far
from the perfection we seek; when morality is based upon whom has the best
track record or speaks eloquently we do what must be done to achieve the
better outcome.

I've drank the milk of human goodness. My opened mind does a comparison of
candidates that closely emulate my lifestyle, morality (religious beliefs
and upbringing) and therefore is a gauge for how my vote will be applicable.

I cannot say that any or all candidates are God-sent. Since I base my
beliefs upon a futuristic viewpoint of how I believe a candidate will vote,
govern or behave, it's pure conjecture and although I have no guarantee
about the outcome of the character I vote, I must place my trust in what I
hear, see, and read to formulate an opinion about for whom I vote.

This, in my opinion is what I deem logical enough to term: an open mind.

NOW, I take both leading candidates.

I believe NONE are fitted for greatness since I feel that what sparks their
energies are the quest for glory and power. Period. To some, we term this
phenomena--"lying through the teeth to achieve their goals".

So, what I must go with in my determination to select what I believe is the
best choice are my senses, facts I've read and heard and belief in the best
"bunch". Personally, I've seen so much corruption come from governments
(local and national) that in many cases, what most of us have to determine
who is best is simply a hunch.

Conservative values are always my choice primarily. If Mr. Jindal (best
chance of winning in the conservative field) is up against a party-changing
to the liberal field. My decision is made. According to Mr. Boasso, Mr.
Jindal is in the "same boat" (paraphrased) with our President Bush. So, one
must ask, WHO is Mr. Boasso going to float with on the "angry, unsettled
seas of federal government? Hillary? Obama (alleged,
speculated Slave reparations)? Or any of the other dozen, highly qualified,
professional liberals? <smile>..

I'm troubled by the change.

Regarding the kick-butt approach, we could easily drop the BIG ONES on every
mountain and village but we'd stand alone thereafter. One vs. 67 other
nations or so won't make us popular for the duration of time and encourage
others to use theirs at some time, So we tread lightly. (Speak softly, but
carry a big stick is tough language and the world already has the negative,
hateful image or our nation). So, school-yard logic won't work, it appears.

It worries me. This world is so screwed up I fear there is no nothing
hopeful, ultimately but Revelation and Armageddon to look forward for

So, from what I drink, I hope it numbs the pain of indecision.

I do love Kool-aid, though (strawberry, cherry and grape preferred)<G>


I can agree with you that my republican party has left me. Run away
spending, open borders, no defense on the attacks on Christianity, etc.
Republicans are so concerned about appeasing liberals and democrats are
trying to be conservative. Speaking of the war, I am sick and tired of the
diplomatic war that is being fought. It is appalling that we are putting
our great troops out there with their hands tied. Get in there and kick
their butts. Forget about offending the Muslims, they have no problem
offending us. I look forward to candidates that will stand up for
conservative values and not worry about being reelected.

I am not sure Jindal is that person. Appears you have drank the Jindal
Kool-Aid. You should keep an open mind.


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