[StBernard] Breaking News: Boasso Endorsed by Louisiana Association of Educators

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Aug 13 20:51:05 EDT 2007

Boasso, Campbell receive Louisiana Association of Educators' endorsement

Gannett Newspaper

BATON ROUGE -- State Senator Walter Boasso (D-Arabi), Democratic candidate
for governor, and Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell have been
endorsed by a key education organization, the Louisiana Association of

"I am proud to stand with Louisiana educators to enact real reform to
improve the quality of our schools and our children's education," Boasso
said in a news release by Brian Welsh with Boasso's campaign.

"As governor, I look forward to working with Louisiana teachers to put the
interests of our children first."

No statement has been received from Campbell's campaign.

On Saturday, the Louisiana Association of Educators (LAE) Political Action
Committee dually recommended Boasso and Campbell for Louisiana's next

"Both Sen. Boasso and PSC Campbell told us how much they value education and
educators in Louisiana," states Joyce Haynes, LAE-PAC's Chair, in a news
release by Jessica Marks, LAE Director of Communications and Technology.

"Both candidates stated that education would be an economic investment in
Louisiana, and that education would be a top priority of theirs if elected

Boasso and Campbell agreed to help keep certified teachers at least at the
Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) average and above, while trying to
get larger wages for Education Support Professionals (ESP), the LAE release
states, adding both agreed to increase the salaries for beginning teachers.

"We were very disappointed that Congressman Bobby Jindal refused to
participate in the interview process," Haynes stated. "However, the LAE-PAC
is proud to recommend Sen. Boasso and PSC Campbell for governor."

Throughout his campaign, Boasso has stressed the need to increase teacher
pay, enforce discipline in the classroom and holds schools accountable for
results, according to the Boasso's campaign release.

"Improving Louisiana means we must create a 21st century educational system
that focuses on our mission of educating our children and giving them the
opportunities for them to remain in Louisiana after they graduate," Boasso

"That means providing an educational system that gives our state a strong
workforce and lays the groundwork to recruit the high-wage, high-skill jobs
of the future."

Boasso criticized his opponent Bobby Jindal for failing our kids by standing
with George Bush instead of standing up for Louisiana, the Boasso campaign
release states.

"When it comes to improving the quality of our educational system, Bobby
Jindal has no plan and no vision," Boasso states. "He continues to do
whatever George Bush tells him to do."

Jindal recently stated that he opposed the recently passed law that provides
the largest investment in education ever and raised teacher salaries across
Louisiana, the Boasso campaign release states.

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