[StBernard] Lawsuit Abuse Claims Another Victim

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Tue Oct 2 23:46:10 EDT 2007

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Lawsuit Abuse Claims Another Victim
$54 Million "Pants Lawsuit" Puts Cleaners Out of Business

We have been keeping you updated on the ongoing struggles of the Chungs --
the Korean-American immigrant family owners of the Washington, DC dry
cleaning business that was hit with a $54 million lawsuit ... for allegedly
losing a single pair of pants.

As you may recall, a Washington, DC judge last month ruled in the Chungs'
favor. But the plaintiff, Roy Pearson, is appealing the decision an d
prolonging the Chungs' nightmare.

In fact, we have learned that the financial and emotional toll of this
frivolous lawsuit is forcing the Chungs to close their dry cleaning

In fact, the Chungs have closed two of their three dry cleaning businesses
since the lawsuit was filed. Click here
<http://list1.ilrmail.org/t/103705/33968227/1056/0/> to read more.

Chalk up another victim to lawsuit abuse.

No Laughing Matter

While this outrageous lawsuit made national headlines and served as the
punchline for the late night talk shows -- this latest development shows
that lawsuit abuse is no laughing matter for its victims.

The only ones left smiling after these frivolou s suits are the trial
lawyers -- as they laugh all the way to the bank.

We can share with you all the statistics in the world about how much lawsuit
abuse costs our economy -- because it's a lot of money. But tragic stories
such as these show firsthand the devastating impact of lawsuit abuse on
American small business owners.

Don't Let the Chungs Struggle in Vain

This situation is has served to shine a bright media spotlight on the
problem of lawsuit abuse.

But it is just one story out of the many in which American small business
owners are suffering at the hands of overzealous plaintiff lawyers looking
to cash in at our expense.

It's time to turn the tables on the trial lawyers. The only way to defeat
them is by growing our grassroots coalition for reform.

There is strength in numbers -- and the more Americans who join our lawsuit
reform coalition means the more likely we are to reform our broken lawsuit

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