[StBernard] Violet/Lower St. Bernard Postal Customers

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 3 00:08:56 EDT 2007

Calling all postal customers of the Violet and Lower St. Bernard areas!

Are you tired of having to travel to two different post offices to take care
of your postal needs? I am. It's been nearly 9 months since our temporary
trailer was relocated 'down the road' and over 2 years since the storm. I
think it's time the United States Postal Service provides the box holders
and residents of lower St. Bernard with a full service facility. And while
I'm on my soapbox--a clean one at that. I'm tired of looking at the same
chunks of cement tying up a parking space, the same broken chair thrown out
next to our ramp, the same discarded water and soft drink bottles that have
been there so long the labels are faded--not to mention the box areas that
are rarely without discarded mail scattered around.

It's also past time that normal hours are put in place. The current
operating schedule makes it nearly impossible for working people to retreive
packages, or oversized mail without having to miss work to travel for miles
out of their way to accomplish this simple task.

I have called Mr. Steve Schwartz who is supposed to be a 'higher-up'
handling the postal service in the New Orleans area. He has returned calls,
but has not followed through on what he reports to be happening. I have
spoken with the Chalmette Postmaster--past and present--to no avail.

It would seem that the residents of LOWER St. Bernard are not as deserving
of a full-service post office as the residents of UPPER St. Bernard--namely
Meraux, Chalmette and Arabi.

I equate the postal situation for Violet and St. Bernard to a retail store
opening it's doors to customers only to tell them that purchases can't be
made because they don't have the equipment.

When the trailers were at Chalmette, a satellite was used to provide
services. If they aren't able to make arrangements for phone service, why
don't they use something like this again?

Anyway, if there are other disgrundled postal customers out there reading
this, please call Senator Vitter's office --225-383-0331. Ask for Megan.
She is his staff member who is handling postal issues. When I spoke with
her today, she had not received any other requests for help from the
Violet/St. Bernard area. I know I can't be the only person upset with this
situation. Please call and voice your dissatisfaction with our current
level of postal service. Pass this along to anyone you know who receives
their mail 'down the road'.

The Post Master for area is Sandra Kronlage. I have spoken with her as well
and she seems aware of the problems and has ideas as to how the situation
can be improved. But, unless she can go to her superiors and show that she
has sufficient numbers of unhappy customers, there is little she can do.
You can reach her at 271-2412.

I don't know about ya'll, but I have paid my box rent in full and am paying
the full amount for stamps. I am not receiving a discount for fewer
services being offered and I think the United States Postal Service has had
ample time to provide us with full service.

Senator Vitter's office--225-383-6684, Ask for Megan
Chalmette Post office--504-271-2412, Ask for Sandra


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