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Lousiana Rebuilds <http://www.louisianarebuilds.info/>

Survival Guide

Lack of information and resources are the two biggest challenges facing
hurricane affected residents trying to rebuild their lives. The
LouisianaRebuilds.info Survival Guide lists many free or low cost services
and programs that can help. While some resources are low-income household or
GNO area specific, the majority of programs are available to all residents
of the hurricane affected region.

View our Survival Guide here <http://www.louisianarebuilds.info/survival> .

Foreclosure Avoidance

There has been a surge in foreclosures in the Hurricane impacted areas of
Louisiana. If you were a Louisiana homeowner before the Hurricane and are
being threatened with foreclosure, ACORN Housing may be able to help.
They've stopped over 60 area foreclosures and have yet to lose one. They can
also help if you're having other problems with your mortgage lender, such as
negotiating payoffs so you have enough funds for rebuilding or getting an
affordable loan modification.

Find more about ACORN and other foreclosure avoidance programs in our
Homeowners section <http://www.louisianarebuilds.info/homeowners#financial>

Free Green Upgrades and Repairs for Low-income Homeowners

This program will provide homeowners with free "green-construction"
materials and expertise (value: $1,076). Experts will assess your home and
work with you to make your home healthier, more comfortable and more
efficient...and save you money on future utility bills. Green upgrade
projects are open until October 12.

Find out more in the Green Building
<http://www.louisianarebuilds.info/homeowners#green> part of our Homeowners

Upcoming Events

October 4: At-Large City Council Candidates Field Community Questions at
Election Forum <http://www.louisianarebuilds.info/node/2634>

October 6: Clean Energy Tour <http://www.louisianarebuilds.info/node/2657>

October 8: Uptown Election Forum

October 9: State Senate Forum <http://www.louisianarebuilds.info/node/2659>

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