[StBernard] Governor Blanco issues statement after President Bushvetoes SCHIP reauthorization

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 3 22:31:33 EDT 2007

I hate having to repeat this, but the below bullsh!! From Governor Blocko
prompts me. First, if the idiots on Capitol Hill would have sent President
Bush the increase $20 Billion dollar budget SCHIP program leaders asked for,
there would not have been a veto.

SCHIP leaders said they were pleasantly surprised and thrilled the president
agreed to a significant increase in SCHIP spending to $20 Billion, which
would have given them all the funding they needed (with anticipated cost
increases) for the next six years. But noooooo (as John Belushi would've
said), that wasn't good enough for the dumb asses in D.C. They got greedy
and proposed nearly twice of what was needed according to the SCHIP experts.
Why? Because of their sneeky little plan to add the children of illegal
aliens and eventually adults to the program - in other words, create a huge
socialized medical program when they thought we wouldn't be paying

Well, they thought wrong...we were paying attention, and thank God so was
President Bush.

Fortunately, prior to his veto, President Bush approved an interim
appropriation which would keep the SCHIP program running as normal until the
idiots come back to him with the correct $20 Billion program budget, which
is expected in the next week.

After a while I get tired of all this political bashing when there are too
many of us who know the facts.

John Scurich

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Governor Blanco issues statement after President Bush vetoes SCHIP

BATON ROUGE - Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco issued the following
statement today after President Bush vetoed legislation to reauthorize the
State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP):

"I am extremely disappointed President Bush has decided to turn his back on
the children of Louisiana and our country. Health insurance is fast becoming
a luxury when it should be a basic right. In Louisiana alone, some 100,000
children depend on our SCHIP program, LaCHIP, for critical access to the
health care they need. I thank the Members of our Louisiana Delegation who
supported this bill, and I urge those who did not to join their fellow
Members of Congress and override this veto to provide for the health and
well-being of our children."


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People www.louisianahelp.org

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