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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 24 09:04:29 EDT 2007

I'll take a shot at answering this because I've already had this discussion
with my State Farm agent.

According to my agent, you can live at one address, actually own a house
elsewhere, and have your driver's license show yet another address. The
reason for this is because your insurance goes by from the address where you
typically begin and end your driving route on a given day.

Sure, that's typically where you live at the present. Thus, my driver's
license and legal domicile is still in Chalmette. But continued
displacement has me across the lake for the present. My State Farm agent
made an adjustment in my insurance based on where I am having to live this
day. But even that is the least factor in your premium - how many miles you
put on your car is the greatest factor in your premium.

John Scurich

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Have a question for insurance experts on the board.

Our drivers license, registration for vehicles should match with the same
address which should be primary place of residence. Our homeowner policy
shows primary place of residence also.

Auto insurance premiums are assessed at different rates by the area that one
lives in.
So, we have a person that is relocated outside of St. Bernard, have the auto
insurance showing that they live in that area but the drivers license and
auto registration is listed as St. Bernard. And yes the voter's

Because of documenting that they live in one area on the auto insurance
policy , have the vehicles registered in another area to match the drivers
license, which shows they live someone else , have they falsiified the
disclosure to the insurance company as to where they actually live and have
their autos registered thus giving the insurance company an out to refuse to
honor the insurance policy?


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