[StBernard] St Bernard listens to potential hospital managers

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Tue Nov 13 22:17:15 EST 2007

St Bernard listens to potential hospital managers
Curt Sprang,

November 13, 2007

CHALMETTE, LA - St Bernard Parish leaders heard from two groups that want to
manage the parish's planned new hospital.

The parish is building the hospital on its own because no healthcare
providers have come forward since Hurricane Katrina to offer to build one on
their own.

But Parish Council members say the learning curve for being in the
healthcare business goes almost straight up.

Ochsner and Franciscan Missionaries are offering to manage the hospital if
the parish builds it. Cost estimates run as high as 80 million dollars for a
60 room facility.

"And we're just looking for that right partner who wants to take the step
forward and lead by the front instead of leading from the rear," said parish
councilman Craig Taffaro.

For much of the day on Tuesday, the parish council listened to presentations
on both management offers. But they agree that the parish must first name
five people to a hospital board, and those people will make the management

"I don't care whether the horse is in front of the cart or behind. It's just
a matter of whether he's pushing or he's pulling. But at least he's moving,"
said Parish President Junior Rodriguez.

Representatives from both potential management groups is telling the parish
to take its time.

The hospital board could be selected within two weeks.
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