[StBernard] Brendan Hendrix -distributor of lie detector letter

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Nov 13 22:33:22 EST 2007


Go to the post office and simply ask them what name is registered to that
particular permit..it's public information - at least that's what I was told
by my local carrier. Supposedly, you can ask what name(s) are associated
with a partiuclar p.o. box number.


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This guy, Brendan Hendrix, field supervisor for Hilltop Rescue & Relief

Here's a reference from Steve Cannizaro's article of Sept. 13, 2006 that
was posted on the St. Bernard web site.

"Hilltop Rescue & Relief, a faith-based non-profit group out of California
that has been working in St. Bernard Parish since March, will soon be
overseeing programs to gut the storm-damaged homes of elderly and
handicapped parish residents."

If you go to the Hilltop web site none of the links come up except for the
home page.

Don't know now to find ownership of a US postal permit number, however the
postal service associates the permit number, which in this case is New
Orleans, with where the permit account is.


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