[StBernard] Craig-need FEMA rental assistance answers

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sat Dec 1 21:40:13 EST 2007


I don't know if you remember or not, but I have rental property in St.
Bernard and some are repaired and some are still a work in progress. My
question is: I have a tenent on FEMA rental assistance, she was in a FEMA
trail with her disabled elderly mother. Now they live in my unit.
Corporate Lodging, the contractor making rental payments for FEMA, has paid
her rent for December but then sent me a notice that her assistance will
stop from them and be taken over by HUD. Coporate Lodging gave me a phone
number for landlords to contact HUD to see what I need to do as a landlord.
I called the number and they told me there is nothing I need to do. I also
called FEMA and they told me there is nothing I need to do, it will be a
seemless transition. They told my tenant the same thing. Both agencies
said I will be contacted by St. Bernard Parish because they are the assigned
Housing Authority for my property zip code. I went to the HUD web sight
and it has a chart of Housing Authorites and it had St. Bernard Parish
Government listed as my housing authority, but no contact information like
name, address or phone number of someone in charge of this. Other parishes
had contact information, but not our parish. So then I said to myself I
will just wait to be contacted by someone. Then I got a call from a friend
of mine that also has rental property and she said I need to go to HANO in
New Orleans, that she just found out we are being lumped in with New Orleans
and that no one from St. Bernard will ever contact us. She also said it is
like starting all over with the paper work from FEMA, no information is
being transfered, and it will not be seemless at all. So I don't know what
to do. I've never had to deal with HANO and I don't know anything about it.
Everything I've done with Corporate Lodging has been online and fairly
simple. As a council member and now future president, do you know anything
about the residents from St. Bernard on FEMA rental assistance being taken
over by HUD and HANO? Do you know what us landlords should do? Will
someone contact us? On the HANO web sight there was not enough information
for me to figure out what to do. They mostly talked about section 8. I'm
confused. Tell me what to do about this. I did not want to fool with FEMA
to begin with because I didn't want the headaches, but I felt sorry for my
tenant because of her elderly mother. I think you can understand that I do
not really trust what FEMA says because what they say and what they do are
two different things.


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