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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Dec 16 23:09:09 EST 2007

Just keep your receipts for when we get audited by the LRA/SBA/FEMA, ETC.
Is it even worth it? MsSimms

> -----------------------------------------------------
> Unless the Louisiana law has been changed, a truck stop must sell
a large
> volume of fuel to keep the video machines. I can remember that
Lucky Bayou
> and Paradise Truck stop prior to Katrina were not selling their
quota of
> fuel, which caused some of the machines to be turned in.
> The truck stops are allotted 50 machines if they meet the monthly
> sales. The state will remove one or many if the appropriate fuel
> is not met.
> I just can't see that there are enough trucks to pump that much
fuel at
> another truck stop in St. Bernard.
> Maybe the potential owners are only looking to justify 15, 20 etc
> and already know that they won't meet the large volume of fuel
required for
> 50.
> Look a t the bingo hall that was on E Judge Perez next to the Gulf
Coast Bank
> building.
> The owners opened about 5 or 6 small separate business, got the
> liquor license just to meet the requirements to place 3 video
polka machines
> in each establishment.
> No matter how the potential owners slice and dice their intentions
it's the
> revenue from the video machines that they are looking for. I don't
see how
> in any way that more than 20, if that many people, would be
employed. Oh
> yes, the truck stop must have a food service restaurant open 24
hours and
> available showers.
> I would hope that the existing parish council would see through
the fog and
> not approve another truck stop.
> jd

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