[StBernard] Request a Public Meeting with Murphy and LDEQ

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Dec 16 23:20:19 EST 2007

Request a Public Meeting with Murphy and LDEQ

Murphy Oil Meraux Refinery has applied for an expedited permit to replace
crude oil storage tanks in the tank farm at Judge Perez Drive. This proposed
General Initial Title V Permit will replace crude oil storage tanks with
both crude oil and middle distillates storage tanks.

According to Murphy Oil's LDEQ EDMS document 36418107 dated 11/15/2007,
"Results of extensive inspections performed by MOUSA showed that the
existing tanks...have settled and suffered damage over time, partially
attributed to Hurricane Katrina." Residents have specific concerns and
questions regarding this settlement of tanks and in particular this area of
the tank farms.

For more information email : CCAMLA1 at gmail.com <mailto:CCAMLA1 at gmail.com>

If Louisiana DEQ finds a significant degree of public interest, a public
hearing will be held.

Please join us in this request for a public hearing. Deadline for requests,
questions, comments is 12:30pm Wedneday, December 26, 2007
To request a public hearing, email, fax, or write and include in all
correspondence the following reference.

Reference: Murphy Oil Meraux RefineryAI 1238 Permit 3062-VO Activity Number

email: Soumaya.Ghosn at LA.Gov <mailto:Soumaya.Ghosn at LA.Gov>
fax: (225)219-3309
write: Ms Soumaya Ghosn
Louisiana DEQ Public Participation
P O Box 4313
Baton Rouge, LA 70821

I request a public hearing for Murphy Oil Meraux Refinery, AI 1238 Permit
3062-VO for the proposed tanks replacement Tanks T 1-5. A public hearing is
required when requested by the Federal Clean Air Act.

As neighbors of Murphy Oil Meraux Refinery and as stakeholders in the ever
increasing presence of this refinery in our community, we want to actively
participate in the decisions which empact our residential neighborhoods and
the quality of our lives and well being.

Signed, Name- Address- Contact Info

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