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This was recently posted on a local blogspot -- might be of interest -- SJK

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Thursday, December 20, 2007
For too long residents have had no mode of presenting their wants and needs
to their elected officials.

Unfortunately there are times when the peoples wants and needs go
unrecognized and at times even ignored. Take for an example how recently
government seemed to go along with the plan to open a truck stop with video
poker machines in Eastern St. Bernard. Not until the people spoke out in one
voice at a council meeting did the forward momentum for that project stop.

There are many times in our past when neighborhoods were rocked with that
same attitude of governing. What seems to be good in the moment, fragments
neighborhoods and our entire parish.

A long time ago when I worked for Wal-Mart Sam Walton came to the store in
Chalmette and reminded all the workers that we were a guest in the
community. He reminded us that we had to be gracious guests and never, never
insult or create discomfort in the community that allowed us to do business
in their neighborhood.

Somehow St. Bernard government has that business/community scenario b
ackwards and seems to cater to the whims of the wrong group.

While we want and need business and industry we must also maintain our
culture and neighborhoods as they have developed through the years. That is
part of what makes this our home.

Evidence throughout our state and country proves that people in government
will be tempted in many ways to sacrifice the good of the people in lieu of
personal gain. Right or wrong in their decision making, it is the will of
the people who put them in office that counts.Now how do the people collect
their opinion on day to day and month to month issues? Most of the time we
don't. We simply leave it to the elected official.

There is a better way. However it REQUIRES involvement. With our existing
neighborhood organizations and their good members our voices can so easily
be collected. The organization necessary for government of the people is in
place. We're lacking one step that could provide a platform for voicing our
wants and needs at the time and in the place that really counts.

We need all our neighbors in all our neighborhoods to let us join you. We
want to provide our resources when you choose to press an issue concerning
the well being of your neighborhood. Your concerns are probably our concern,
as ours are yours.

We're hoping your neighborhood organization will let us come speak to you
about our ideas. Together we'll make a significant difference in the future
of our parish.


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