[StBernard] Crime in St. Bernard

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 1 16:31:01 EST 2008


Thank you. I do accept your apology and no offense was taken. I just
really thought we were talking about separate incidents. I also respect
your opinions and thoughts. I spend a lot of time in Carolyn Park helping
my mother in law with her house. She is in her house now, but we are still
doing the finishing touches and it looks wonderful. She also has a neighbor
next door and one across the street. We are just careful, that's all. We
will move on to my parents house now and try to get their home livable.
They are anxious to get home. I see progress everyday too.


> -----------------------------------------------------

> Laurie,


> I apologize to you, something about JER really riles me up and I didn't


> to discredit anyone else, I enjoy reading your posts and respect you as I


> 99 % of the people on this site.


> I do believe we may have been talking about different incidents.


> I lived in the area between Paris Road and Palmisano before Katrina, I


> in Arabi now and my area is not fully populated, I do have 2 neighbors on

> each side of me, we do have 3 houses that were moved into recently and we

> have 4 or 5 being renovated now, I see progress all the time and I believe

> we are moving in the right direction, especially with the recent



> My home is near the Parish line so if anyone should be worried it probably

> would be me, I am not scared at all, I feel as safe as I was before the

> storm (maybe I should not, but I do).


> I believe most criminals know if they commit a crime in STB they are going

> to jail and there is a really good chance they will be caught, not so on


> other side the line and therefore I feel safe and GLAD TO BE HOME.


> Again Laurie, please accept my apology.


> Chad

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