[StBernard] Not all crooks are in Louisiana

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 8 00:24:43 EST 2008

OFFENSIVE LINE: Alabama state representative Alvin Holmes was outraged
when he didn't get his customary two free tickets to the Iron Bowl, the
annual football game between Auburn University and the University of
Alabama, held in late November. "I did a survey with other members of
the Legislature to determine whether they got their tickets, and they
did," Holmes whined. He announced to the media that he intended to file
suit against Auburn for the slight, and to compel Auburn's president,
Jay Gogue, to testify about why Holmes was omitted. However, Gogue says
Holmes was sent tickets, along with a pass for free preferred parking,
just like every other legislator, which prompted the state's newspapers
to look into the practice. They found it costs the host university
about $100,000 per year to offer the freebies to lawmakers, leading to
editorials decrying the ethical implications and demanding that the
giveaways be halted. (Huntsville Times) ...Threats to sue over not
getting unethical freebies? All hail the newly crowned king of

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