[StBernard] Appraisal Opinion of Value - can rarely be changed.

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 8 23:26:05 EST 2008

Thanks for the info John.

Yes, I could not really give you accurate info because I had not had to deal
with that since my dad's death. I'm more than certain the Road Home's'
"appraiser" did not bother to measure and he probably did not walk in or see
the addition on the back.

Thanks again,


Yes, as was required by Road Home, I did your mom's house using the
2055, but I did measure it to verify the square footage and other
Though it was not required, you told me you were uncertain of the
specs and
I had nothing else to go off of, so I thought it best to measure it
confirm what was there by adding the sketch page to the appraisal
(This is something the Road Home appraisers do NOT do)

There are some who I have appraised for where it was not necessary
measure their home because they had good information on their
property or I
was able to find previous listings in the realtor's MLS that
square footage and other specs - and some listings even had
photos of the home.

As I've stated in previous postings, if you learn the Road Home has
spec data on your home, then you need to bring that to their
attention and
demand they revaluate your property based on what was there...in
fact, they
are required by law to base your valuation on accurate specs (i.e.
footage of living area, lot size, number of bedrooms and baths,


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