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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Jan 17 23:34:23 EST 2008


Below is a "letter to the Editor" I sent to the Times-Picayune. I hope they
publish it, but I wanted to share with everyone on the list in case it


Title: "Wow, what thin skin our legislators have"

I cannot believe how thin the skin is of some Louisiana legislators that
they could be so easily offended. During his inaugural speech Governor
Jindal commented "Louisiana is not a poor state, we've just had poor

Even though the Governor was 100% correct in his analysis of the history of
state government, it would seem some legislators were taken back by his
words. I have but two things to say to them in regards to their hurt
feelings: first, grow some thicker skin or you're in the wrong profession;
second, can someone provide me with a complete list of those legislators who
were offended? I'd personally like to start recall petitions in each of
their respective districts since it sounds like their mindset is stuck in
Louisiana's failing past.

John Scurich
30172 Titus Smith Road
Lacombe, Louisiana 70445

Contact phone: (504) 722-6662

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