[StBernard] response to Jim

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Mar 12 15:47:15 EDT 2008

Jim, I suggest you aim your frustration and anger about the situation some
people are in and focus on real solutions for those who need help instead
of sarcastic remarks for those who overcame adversity. Many of us on this
forum have and are still directly helping/ supporting/ and providing housing
for relatives or friends or doing it through charitable organizations. As I
said in an earlier posting, maybe plan b for those in dire straits is to
turn to relatives, friends, and charities if govt isn't there to offer the
assistance to the level they need. That's how my ancestors in Avoyelles
Parish overcame the devastation of the civil war and the Great Flood of
1927. when there was no help from the govt to replace all they lost and no
insurance of any kind. My whole point is that waiting and doing nothing will
not solve the problem, it will only lead to the problem being solved for you
as the world mo ves on. ddk

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