[StBernard] Jacob Drive Firestation

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Mar 12 16:09:14 EDT 2008


Should Jacob Drive Firestation ever be taken out of service (for relocation
or replacement), it should be designated GREENSPACE to provide a buffer
between the ever expanding Murphy Refinery and the community. After all, the
crude oil spill settlement did call for a buffer zone, not an economic
opportunity for Murphy.

To sell Jacob Drive Firestation for Murphy's Refinery Expansion would make
this a political gift from our elected officials to the refinery; it makes
an economic reward to an irresponsible corporation that is still remediating
its crude oil spill. As a parish we should neither set the precedent of
Murphy's expansion onto Jacob Drive nor accommodate it. Rather, to protect
health, provide safety and promote our general welfare, we should stop
industrial development on Jacob Drive by a commitment to the existing
fenceline and the existing zoning -- with no zoning changes. Not for a
laboratory, a warehouse or any other facility which makes way for a very
ambitious expansion. A Bigger Refinery has a larger potential for hazards.

Murphy has revealed renderings of the 15,000 square foot laboratory it wants
to construct on four (4) separate tracts of land; three being on Jacob Drive
South and one being on St Bernard Hwy (the old Campagna's skiff business).
This zoning public hearing is Tuesday, March 25th 4pm and the introduction
of ordinance is expected at the next parish council meeting Tuesday March
18th 7pm.

Let's communicate to our new councilmembers the detrimental effects of
Murphy's fires, explosions, and pollution and urge them to maintain the
fortitude required to deny any zoning changes on Jacob Drive.

Otherwise, as a parish, we are liable for every incident at the refinery
which causes harm to any member of our community.


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