[StBernard] Question for Westley, Craig, JER or Anyone

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Apr 1 20:11:35 EDT 2008

Jill, the parish government issues official notifications for publications
to the news services such as The St. Bernard Voice, the Times Picayune, etc.
and the parish website.

When there is notification, all will be informed so that the parish citizens
can be kept abreast of current events which serve the parish. --Hopefully.

On a personal side note, I was not informed when my home was to be
demolished, even though I was told there would be notification. I would have
liked to get additional matters taken care of at the homestead before its
execution. I know how you feel. :(

I pray for better days for you and the parish citizens.


This is in regards to the big YELLOW SIGNS with RED X's.


We found out about these on a Sunday by our nephew when this list was
published in the St. Bernard Voice.
We drove to Chalmette early the next morning (because we live out of the
parish) to sign this appeal for these
2 homes. Both of these homes have been gutted, taxes were paid and have
been up for sale with a real estate company and signs are on both on them.
We were told that before these homes are to be demolished, we would be
notified by mail & a telephone call to notify us to appeal these
demolitions. To date, we have heard nothing.

Present status:

On March 11th, one home was sold, or should I say, practically given away.
We went to Chalmette Saturday to see our nephew and passed by the home we
sold. The buyers are starting to fix this home. We felt real happy for

My question is: Since no one was notified that this home was taken off the
demo list, removed or an appeal was heard, to save this home from
demolition, how will similar situations be handled? Does the parish have
plans in place for situations such as this. What is the process. When a
home is sold that was on this demo list, when a building permit was issued,
will this take care of removing it from demo list?

We would feel terrible if the buyer is fixing up this purchased home and
WHAM! the home is demolished.
What a dilemma this would be. And we would feel terrible for the buyer and
even afraid that we would be possibly become involved in a law suit,
especially after we told them an appeal was filed. What a revolting
development that would be. We are in our 70's and are trying to get on with
our lives, just like many others.

Any incite on this would be greatly appreciated because we would like to
know what would be in store when and if we sell the other home. I'm sure
there are others who are in the same situation.

Thank you for any responses and we greatly miss da parish.

Pat & Jay

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