[StBernard] Road Home Homes

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon May 12 13:34:33 EDT 2008


Thanks for the clarification regarding the issue of selling/purchasing
"Road Home homes" . Can item 4 (if neither interested, sell 100% to another
pary" be revised to offer the property to the homeowner living "behind" the
Road Home home? We would like to purchase the property behind us, assuming
the sale price is affordable. Also, I assume that the sale of these homes
will be after they are demolished and only a slab is left. Can the sale of
these properties start, using the path you suggested, be purchased before
demolition, at the price the parish expects to receive for the lot? From a
personal perspective, my son could purchase the home behind us, within 90
days we could have the windows, doors, and electrical work completed, and
shortly thereafter, the sheet rock and painting could be completed. My son
could then use his GI bill to refinance the home.

I would not want to see the process have a bottle-neck trying to accommodate
the sale of homes, so the only change I am suggesting is that the property
be sold "as is" when it becomes available for sale. If it has already been
demolished, so be it. If it has not been demolished, then we are preserving
another home site.

I don't want to create another obstacle to what I consider to be a good plan
that insures the property will be maintained, but I don't see where we would
change the process significantly, since the schedule for demolition remains
as originally scheduled. Also, if someone purchases a slab, is there an
established time-frame for the new homeowner to have the slab removed?

Your comments, as always, would be greatly appreciated.


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