[StBernard] American Idol

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu May 22 07:40:51 EDT 2008

Ok, Cook won. (and I admit I was shocked). He's a good singer without a
doubt. However, it was a singing competition and to most Americans who
didn't call in 100 times each, Archuleta succumbed. That's ok, and I must
disagree on a couple of items here: Archuleta will still have a very
prosperous career (much like Clay Aiken's been most successful to Ruben
Studdard. Cook Will continue successfully as well.

Teeny-boppers? Geez, I've lost 50 years somewhere <smile>...Unfortunately,
I'm not into toll-free calling to vote. Otherwise David Archuleta would have
been crowned <chuckle>.

Congrats to them both!!


Unfortunately, I believe Archuleta will win also. The reason I say
unfortunately - even tho Archuleta is talented, he is very one-dimensional.
His one attempt at an upbeat song was disastrous, and you do need to mix up
the styles of songs to keep the public interested. And his goofy 'What, me
worry?' expressions will quickly get old. Cook, on the other hand, has not
always been spot-on, but he can deliver any style/tempo/mood of song equally
well, plus he plays his own instrument. But the teeny-boppers will all vote
for Archuleta.


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