[StBernard] Neighborhood Watch?

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Jul 30 20:29:40 EDT 2008

Ooops, der goes da neighborhood. Dragging low-classed New Orleans crowds
into st. Bernard Neighborhoods is by no means considered "hurricane
recovery". If St. Bernard gets punished for its former actions by N'awlins
liberal groups by sending its crowd into da parish's neighborhoods, one can
expect even escalated crime activity along with gangs and reversed
discrimination. You certainly won't see this crowd buying homes in high-end
neighborhoods (which the wealthy <no offense to da rich) where gate-housed
communities can help deter garbage-day trash walking da streets and
break-ins by offspring and drug addicts who believe St. Bernard is easy prey
during its slam-dunked horrific recovery these past few years.

Home owners who lost homes should be recovered to this point and those who
were not should not be allowed to be escalated to the economic and social
levels of those who word the "middle-class" hat. This, of course is trying
to achieve a socialist state where equal wealth distribution is favored over
our capitalistic society where hard-work and dedication to home-ownership
were the norm.

The LRA is becoming the "Liberal Race-bait Association" by fostering hard
feelings among forced housing of low-income into the middle classes (thus
eliminating/lowering the middle class status and escalating the lower
class). What this will leave eventually is but two classes: the wealthy and
the poor. We can see O'Bam-a favoring such a move as long as he's not in the
lower-half of the deal!


LRA to consider home-buying program for renters
by The Associated Press

BATON ROUGE - Louisiana's chief recovery agency is working on a program
that could help renters in hurricane-damaged parishes become first-time

The proposed program would use $75 million in federal recovery aid to set up
the new home-buying initiative. Supporters hope the program would get
storm-flooded houses back into commerce while giving renters the assistance
needed to buy their first homes.

The Louisiana Recovery Authority board is scheduled to discuss the proposal

If approved, it would shuffle the dollars from a small landlord rebuilding
program. LRA officials say $594 million of the $700 million pool of money
for small landlords has been committed, leaving enough dollars available to
shift to the new home-buying program.

The program's creation would require a vote of the LRA and approval by
lawmakers and federal officials..

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