[StBernard] "We are no longer a Christian nation"

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 12 09:10:16 EDT 2008

My grandparents will tell you it wasn't their religious beliefs that led
them to join the COast Guard and to run a plane factory but the attack on
Pearl Harbor. Would you say the same "Christian" fundamentals that served as
a foundation are also found in the old testament which is practiced by the
Jews and Muslims? I personally believe if everyone lived by the Golden Rule,
religion in politics would be obsolete. The GR has a basis in CHristian
faith, other faiths had similar sentiments, thereby if we, as a people, live
by that, no matter the religion, we live in a society that lives by all
faiths and would serve the country as a whole better than any one belief.

Silly me, looking fro good conversation now, the babies most intellectual
conversation lately has been about DOra andBlues CLues, by the way, sorry
about the screw up on the bomb, like I said history is rusty since Nai Hao
Kai An (The latest cartoon craze for babies) doesn't really do history much,
but I am now learning words in chinese. God I hate that my brain is turning
to MUSH!!!!!


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How is it an infrinegment on my beliefs...easy. I believe what I believe -
and what I believe is in direct accordance with what our founding fathers
believed and intended for this country. No where was it ever stated or
mentioned during the Constitutional Convention that our government was to be
"non religious." Remember, the phrase we have all been led to believe to
exist in the first amendment "separation of church and state" are no where
to be found! And there's an obvious reason for it - our founding fathers
NEVER intended it to be so, duh! (the duh is not intended at you Wendy, it's
meant as a general expression)

Ah, but then which religion? Our founders were all Christian men, some of
them were even Free Masons. Their intent was for this nation to be governed
by a government whose principles are based on those very Christian
principles...otherwise, I think it's a safe bet they would have left the
word "God" (as in Judeo-Christian God) out their many speeches and doctrines
- but they didn't leave God out.

All the first amendment pertains to is there was not going to be any one
Christian religion (Catholic, Methodist, etc.) as the basis for our new
country - all would be tolerated - even the non-Christian religions. BUT,
that doesn't mean such tolerance of non-Christian religions was to be
misinterpreted as the basis for abolishing our Christian beliefs to serve as
the foundation for our "American" way of government.

That's what I believe...so when somone says that should no longer be the
case and is trying to (in my opinion) "undermine" what I believe the
foundation of American government should be, then yes, I see that as an
attempt to infringe on my beliefs. And we're not simply talking here about
having a "difference of opinion"...we're talking about those beliefs that
have served this nation well as its foundation and core. And if I'm wrong,
go ask your parents and grandparents who went through WW II if they disagree
with me. Thus, I guess not all "CHANGE" is good.


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