[StBernard] "We are no longer a Christian nation"

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Aug 15 01:03:32 EDT 2008

Yes, John. Years back being in the democratic party was a proud tradition.
Then came the turbulent 60's that changed the world and especially the
U.S.A. towards socialism (and free love bought with hippie dollars and
flowers!! <G>)...

This is NOT the party of my father (and now me). My father's spirit signals
to me that he's dizzy spinning in his grave from anger of what this country
has become. Yes, it IS time for change. It will be difficult to reverse the
Pandora's Box for one thing.

I predict that if the conservatives do not take the white house, there will
be more domestic chaos than we've seen in the Russian and French Revolution
combined, and many other bloody conflicts.

O'BAmaSon will appease world governments (as many countries of WWII who
stepped aside to Hitler).

We're in a new era. Being a slacker to world aggression is a step back to
the biblical prophecy of "one world government/order". Imagine one powerful
world leader dictating religions, (or lack of it rather), personal freedoms,
etc..? (If you think it didn't come close, look historically to Hitler,
Napoleon, Alexander the Great, The Romans, etc. seeking to own the word.

All it would take is some nut eliminating a president and the nation would
be thrown in a revolution never seen before (especially in the modern era)

--Good ole Murphy. He has it right--If it can, it probably will"
(paraphrased, of course).


And Michelle, where have those men gone?

When looking at the two candidates running for president, I would think even
liberals would agree that McCain, with all his imperfections, still comes
closer to fitting the bill of our forefathers. Espcecially when you
consider his service to his country, the sacrafice and pain inflicted upon
him for doing so...you just can't think of that standard and imagine Obama
in the same picture. Nothing personal against him, but as my Dad likes to
say..."he hasn't paid his dues."

I should note, my father, a yellow-dog Democrat to the core, will be voting
Republican for the first time in his 83 years. He likes John McCain. I
think it has something to do with the fact they're both Navy veterans.


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