[StBernard] St Bernard News on Twitter

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Aug 27 14:47:01 EDT 2008

In preparation of Gustaf I have created a new Twitter account to help
broadcast news related to St. Bernard Parish.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is basically chat room that you can also use on your cell phone thru
text messaging. For Katrina, cell phones went down for voice but we could
still text message. A lot of people lost the ability to send or receive
email. I'm hoping to bridge that gap.

You can start off by signing up for your own free Twitter account here:


Once you created your account and confirmed your cell phone, you will need
to follow the St. Bernard News Twitter account by going here and clicking on
the Follow button:


Once you are following, click the Follow button again (this time it will say
Following) and turn on Device updates to receive the messages on your phone.

You can also follow my personal account here:


However, I don't recommend turning on Device updates on my personal account
since I can get chatty at times and you don't need your phone buzzing every
two minutes.


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