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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Aug 27 21:02:52 EDT 2008

Road Home Appeal Templates

Justice for New Orleans has put together Road Home letter templates that can
be modified and used for a variety of applicant issues including appeals,
requests for files, and requests for extensions. Find them in our Homeowners
section <http://louisianarebuilds.info/homeowners#road> under "Road Home
Program Info."

Hurricane Preparedness and Evacuation Guide

Find hurricane preparedness information and evacuation guides in our Public
Safety section <http://louisianarebuilds.info/publicsafety#emergency> under
"Emergency Preparedness".

Habitat ReStore

Habitat ReStore accepts donations of new or used items such as sheetrock,
roofing materials, doors, cabinets, and resells them for 30% to 90% off
retail prices. Needed donations include doors, windows, cabinets, working
appliances, roofing materials, sheet rock, and lumber. Building or
remodeling materials that are in good shape can be recycled through the
Habitat ReStore, saving dumping costs and providing a tax deduction.
Donations can be dropped off or a pickup can be scheduled. Find out more in
our Homeowners section <http://louisianarebuilds.info/homeowners#rebuild>
under "Rebuild Your House."

Upcoming Events

August 26: Road Home Community Outreach Session - Orleans Parish

August 26: Good Work Network: Federal Cash Incentives for Small Businesses

August 28: Road Home Community Outreach Session - Port Sulphur

August 28: Hurricane Resistant Home Improvement Seminar: Foundations for
Louisiana Homes <http://www.louisianarebuilds.info/node/3357>

August 28: Katrina Anniversary: Levees.Org Debuts Katrina Film; Free event

August 29: Katrina Anniversary: City-sponsored events

August 30: Katrina Anniversary: Hands Around the Dome Ceremony

August 30: Katrina Anniversary: New Orleans Speaks "We Are the Ones We Have
Been Waiting For" <http://www.louisianarebuilds.info/node/3390>

September 3: Citizen's Road Home Action Team Meeting *rescheduled*

September 5: Road Home Community Outreach Session - Orleans Parish

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