[StBernard] Chalmette high introduces positive behavior program

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Chalmette high introduces positive behavior program
Rewarding students may change thinking Thursday, August 28, 2008By Barry
It seems that our society often focuses more on the dramas and traumas of
the world rather than focusing on the positive. Well, Chalmette High School
is hoping to change that by introducing a new program that rewards good
behavior called PBS, or Positive Behavior Support.

PBS is a Louisiana statewide initiative designed to give students, teachers,
parents, and administrators a new way to think about behavior.

This year, Chalmette High students are expected to meet the three
expectations of the program: being respectful, responsible and positive.

Emily Boackle, assistant principal in charge of discipline, said rewarding
students who behave in an exemplary way provides an alternative to the
typical discipline system.

"Its goal is to reduce the need for suspensions and expulsions as
disciplinary options," she said.

Boackle said as part of this Louisiana School-Wide Positive Behavior Support
Program, Chalmette High School has instituted "The Owl Card" to increase
academic performance, increase safety, decrease problem behavior and
establish positive school culture.

The Owl Card, which is part of the student's school ID, is a way to track
the positive behaviors expected of students.

Angela Seibert, a teacher at the school and faculty team leader for PBS,
said the Owl Card also increases parental awareness of behavior problems.

"Parents are asked to look at the card daily and discuss with their child
any violations which may have occurred," she said.

"The Behavior Support Program is based on the idea that responsible students
become responsible adults, so keeping up with the card on a daily basis is a
must for all students," she said.

Dress code violations and behaviors are monitored throughout the year, and
students are rewarded for their good behavior. Field trips and lunch time
excursions are just a few of the many rewards that may be earned.

Seibert said "maroon money" also is given out as a reward. Students can
redeem this currency for a number of prizes and privileges.

"We hope that all of our efforts will help increase parental awareness,
reduce disciplinary action, and increase rewards for good behavior," she

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